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Awareness: The Key to Healthy Teams

By The Healthy Minds Team

Healthy Minds Innovations CEO, Peter Weng, recently wrote about the importance of awareness and mindfulness as a leader of teams. 

In this post for the Achievers Employee Engagement blog, Peter outlined the importance of enhancing our awareness of our experiences at any given moment (aka “mindfulness”) and also our ability to further develop the ability to notice what we are paying attention to (“meta-awareness”). These key skills help support leaders as they battle “emotional reactivity” (both their own and that of their teams) during times of stress – made all the more relevant for those of us working in a time of uncertainty like today.

The key factor in my much-improved modern-day response is awareness. Awareness of my clenched jaw highlighted to me that I was angry. That awareness signaled to me that it would be better to calm down a bit before speaking.

Peter Weng, Healthy Minds Innovations, CEO

This is the first in a series for the Achievers Employee Engagement Blog; upcoming topics will focus on connection, insight and purpose.

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