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Healthy Minds @Work®

We’ve translated decades of neuroscientific research into professional development tools to cultivate and measure well-being in the workplace.

Bring out the best in your teams

The Healthy Minds @Work program goes beyond mindfulness and actually helps your employees train their minds to be more calm and focused, develop healthier relationships with colleagues, gain perspective in workplace interactions, and bring more meaning to work.

Using our proprietary framework, we can help you promote a culture of collaboration, compassion, focus, and resilience as your employees learn the skills they need for well-being.

Proven Program Results

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Decrease stress by 28%*

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Reduce symptoms of depression by 24% and anxiety by 18%*

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Increase social connection by 13%*

Our Workplace Well-Being Toolkit

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools that include both digital and live training. And because every organization is different, we provide customized, scalable solutions to help you build a sustainable culture of well-being in your organization.

Workplace Well-Being Assessment

A comprehensive assessment and report on your team or organization’s well-being, identifying links between trainable components of well-being and important organization goals.

Workplace Well-Being Challenge

Kick off the Healthy Minds @Work® Program with a 4-week well-being challenge, with coordinated group touch points to build teamwork and engagement, helping employees develop skills and new habits.

Healthy Minds Program App

Scale the program throughout your organization with a step by step journey in developing the skills of well-being. Hundreds of hours of meditations and podcasts are available, with additional workplace practices for teams and individuals.

Specialized Team Sessions

Take your team building and workplace culture to the next level with these effective, small group customized sessions. Developed out of the Healthy Minds Framework, the Specialized Team Sessions allow space for peer-to-peer learning and discussions with the guidance of our coaching and professional development expert, Stephanie Wagner, NBC-HWC. Learn how to embed a culture of well-being through dialogue, guided meditations and continued, deepened advice on habit formation and real-world applications. You drive the focus, we provide the science, skill-building and contemplative practices. 

Ambassador Toolkit

An on-boarding and support toolkit for your internal Healthy Minds Ambassadors, including presentations, email templates and a guide to boost employee participation and engagement.

Reports and Analytics

Organizational well-being reports and quarterly analytics of program progress.

Virtual Learning Labs

Engage employees with live webinars from our world class scientists and meditation teachers. Quarterly Learning Labs include workplace topics to help employees continue their well-being journey, stay engaged, and learn practical tips to bring these skills to work.

Ready For Healthy Minds in Your Workplace?

Connect with one of our engagement experts today to learn more about the options available for your employees.


With Healthy Minds @Work®, our employees have been really pleased with how supportive the tools are, and how skillfully they align with our people first, data driven culture. As a leader, I found working with Healthy Minds @Work® to be a seamless process, in which their representatives truly care about partnering with us to support a thriving and resilient culture."

Michelle Gale, Autodesk

As a leader in our District's work to support the well-being of all of our staff, I continue to hear from our people in a variety of roles that [Healthy Minds @Work®] has provided a strong and sometimes primary support for their being with the uncertainty in our world now. [They] have provided us with a steady and caring connection throughout this time."

Sara Parrell, Madison Metropolitan School District

Program Participants

I yearned to develop a consistent contemplative practice for approximately 40 years but found my experience moved in ‘fits and starts’…the Healthy Minds Program has been truly transformative. The combination of the declarative AND procedural learning has been the key and I’m delighted to report that my practice has become a habit."

[The program] helped me stay grounded about how I need to tend to my mental health on a daily basis, just like my physical health."

I like the practice and the teaching very much! I appreciate that I can do active practice, which is what I need in my busy day-to-day life. I also like that I can set the number of minutes per practice."

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