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WUWM 89.7: UW’s Meditation App is One Of Several Potential Tools For Protecting Mental Health

By The Healthy Minds Team

In this article from Milwaukee’s NPR affiliate, local medical experts say they’re worried about the mental health of people in the area after dealing with months of Covid-19 and economic challenges related to the pandemic.  

“Some people think it’s inherently religious or a Buddhist thing. In fact, you find meditation in virtually all the world’s spiritual and religious traditions. You find it in modern scientific and psychotherapeutic interventions. So, it’s a pretty universal practice. Essentially, you can think of meditation to train the mind in the same way physical exercise trains the body.”

Dr. Cortland Dahl

Research Scientist at the Center for Healthy Minds & Chief Contemplative Officer at Healthy Minds Innovations, Dr. Cortland Dahl, the voice and architect behind much of the Healthy Minds Program App, is interviewed and clears up misconceptions about meditation while highlighting the app’s active meditation practices one can do on-the-go.

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