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UW NEWS: Stressed Office Workers Turn to New Coping Methods During Pandemic

By The Healthy Minds Team

A new poll conducted by YouGov on behalf of the nonprofit Healthy Minds Innovations confirms what many U.S. office workers have been feeling: it’s a stressful time filled with uncertainty, and most people are interested in new coping mechanisms to make it through.

Workplaces in particular have reached out for support for their newly remote employees facing unprecedented challenges in the time of Covid-19. Almost immediately after the shelter-in-place orders were instituted we began hearing from companies and clients, searching for relief for a stressed out and anxious workforce.

Peter Weng, CEO, Healthy Minds Innovations

The poll reveals that the majority of non-essential workers are now working from home, 46% of them doing all their work from home and 23% doing most or some. Of those currently working from home, over half (56%) are new to the practice, which may be contributing substantially to stress levels.

Read the whole article on the University of Wisconsin-Madison News site.

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